U.S. Department of Defense, Office of the Inspector General (DODIG)

IG Audit Coverage System

This mainframe system, using Computer Associates (CA's) Datacom/DB software, integrates data from each DOD organization into a comprehensive information database of prior, ongoing, and planned audits. The Audit Coverage system maintains an inventory of auditable entities to assist in long-term planning; developing the annual audit plan; allocating resources; evaluating audit planning; enhancing performance; and maintaining appropriate staffing levels; as well as answering inquiries from external sources concerning past, current, and planned audit coverage. For this system, DTI:

  • Identified organizations, programs, systems, and other areas subject to audit for all DOD.
  • Identified priorities for each audit area.
  • Recorded information on audit, inspections, and investigation coverage for past, present, future, and audit follow-up by all audit activities and GAO.
  • Developed a database which integrates data from all DOD components/services regarding auditable entities.
  • Developed procedures to upload data from DOD component databases.
  • Developed programs to add, update, query, and delete data in the database.
  • Developed a historical file and procedures to archive data.
  • Produced system and user documentation and trained users throughout DOD.

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