U.S. Department of Defense, Office of the Inspector General (DODIG)

Decision Support System (DSS) for the Assistant Inspector General for Audit

This mainframe computer system is a fully integrated information system utilizing Computer Associates (CA's) Datacom/DB software and operating on a large-scale IBM clone mainframe under CICS, TSO, and MVS. It was designed to provide user-friendly, on-line access to all levels of management within the Office of the Inspector General. DSS provides administrative tracking and project management in the following areas: personnel management, travel management, billet management, fiscal year planning, audit project management, staff utilization, and time and attendance processing. For this system, DTI:

  • Developed a database with multiple modules to support business functions.
  • Developed programs to add, update, query, and delete data in the database.
  • Structured programs to permit groups of users’ access to specific sections of data.
  • Performed data conversion of historical MIS files into DSS.

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