U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)

Office of Weatherization and Intergovernmental Program (OWIP)

  • Developed, implemented and currently maintain the nationwide Windows System Approach to Grants Administration (WinSAGA) application. It is currently installed at three DOE facilities and over 70 State Energy Offices.
  • Developed interfaces with existing agency-wide procurement and accounting systems.
  • Developed interface to government-wide Grants.Gov application.
  • Provide nationwide training and installation services.
  • Provide hotline support for over 700 WinSAGA users.
Performance and Accountability for Grants in Energy (PAGE):
  • Working with Headquarters Senior Leadership, Project Officers, and Grantees, developed requirements for PAGE to facilitate cradle-to-grave processing of energy grants.
  • Implemented the web-based solution in stages incorporating application, reporting, monitoring, record-level audits, and system interface functionality.
  • Tracked in excess of 10,000 grants, $18 billion of obligations, and over 5,000 users.
  • Developed custom views to flatten data and allow DOE staff to generate ad-hoc reports and dashboards in a third-party reporting tool.
  • Implemented system interfaces with the enterprise-wide data warehouse, creating a single repository for users to review all grant information.
  • Currently provide maintenance support including hotline support, training, and development of change requests.
Windows Systems Approach to Grants Administration (WinSAGA):

The Windows Systems Approach to Grants Administration (WinSAGA) was developed to build upon the success of the SAGA application. In addition to moving SAGA to a windows based platform, WinSAGA added the ability to:

  • Allow states to submit their annual plans electronically.
  • Electronically sign applications, modifications, reports, etc.
  • Provide the ability for states to electronically drawdown their funds electronically.
  • Build an interface with the government-wide Grants.Gov system.

These additional features prompted over 70 State Energy Offices to join the WinSAGA community. For WinSAGA, DTI:

  • Utilized rapid application development technologies to deliver the application within an extremely short development window.
  • Prepared source code using Microsoft's Visual C++.
  • Developed database structures using Microsoft's SQL Server.
  • Incorporated Crystal Reports for user ad-hoc query and reporting.
  • Generated context-sensitive help, on-line documentation, and multimedia tutorials.
  • Provided hotline support for approximately 700 nationwide users.
Systems Approach to Grants Administration (SAGA):

The Systems Approach to Grants Administration (SAGA) was developed to enhance and expand the capabilities of the Field Management System (FMS). In addition to the obligations, costs and payments previously maintained in FMS, SAGA added programmatic reporting and added State Energy Offices to the list of users. For SAGA, DTI:

  • Prepared general and detailed design specifications.
  • Programmed source code using "C" language and the Microsoft Compiler for executable programs.
  • Developed database structures using MDBS software.
  • Incorporated a user-friendly query and customized reports application (IQ).
  • Developed user-friendly input screens utilizing Vermont Views with MDBS.
  • Performed systems testing on a unit and integrated basis.
  • Prepared necessary systems documentation to comply with Quality Assurance requirements.
  • Conducted training and installation in 10 regions nationwide.
  • Conducted training and installation in 23 State Energy Offices nationwide.
Field Management System (FMS):

The Field Management System (FMS) was the first nationwide PC-based applications developed for the Office of State and Community Programs. It was developed to track obligations, costs and payments for grants awarded for conservation and other energy-related matters. The application was installed in six Regional Support Offices and performed a nightly roll-up to headquarters for nationwide reporting. For this system, DTI:

  • Performed the data analysis and data requirements activities
  • Automated a completely paper-driven process.
  • Developed, tested and deployed the application.
  • Provided nationwide, customized training

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